139 The Terrace

139 The Terrace


  • Advanced Building Services (Wellington)



  • Niagara Framework
  • Sedona Framework
  • EasyIO DDC Controllers



This project utilises the Niagara Framework and the Sedona Framework for seamless integration. Each EasyIO controller is pre-programmed with the control logic so all the electrical contractor has to do is wire the controller and insert the Ethernet cable. Since this project is using an Ethernet network we can easily commission each unit within minutes of the controller being wired.

Fact Sheet

  • Installation of the control system has been staggered to accommodate each tenant.
  • Each controller will still operate if the Ethernet network fails.
  • The BMS interface, although one of our most basic options, still is jammed packed with features
  • 6000+ trends being logged per day
  • Can hold over 20 years of trending data on a single 500GB HDD