EasyIO Products


EasyIO sells its products and services to the New Zealand and Australia market. EasyIO has been developing a 32-bit Ethernet based open DDC solutions for over 10 years, and enjoys worldwide sales, with robust annual growth and leading edge innovation.

We have emerged as a world leader in Open Building Automation integration solutions and manufacturer of Ethernet based, DDC Controllers. Our Controllers are tested, certified and accredited via CE, UL and FCC. With our latest EasyIO 32-bit Sedona range of DDC products, you can now build your Niagara solutions from top to bottom, with additional programming tools.

With the EasyIO range of IP DDC Sedona Controller now available and selling in worldwide, 2010 and beyond is poised to witness a paradigm shift in the Building Management System, DDC and M2M markets by embracing Sedona open code and unrivalled programming features, via the Niagara Network.

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Here are some EasyIO products


EasyIO FG12

EasyIO FG20

EasyIO FG32

EasyIO 30P SF

EasyIO 30P SF v2


EasyIO J2

EasyIO J6

EasyIO AX Supervisor