Established in 1998, Control Concepts is a well-known company that operates in New Zealand specialising as a control solutions provider. Over the years, our company has achieved superior standards of quality and excellence. Our proven strengths are in developing solutions tailored to suit the specific application.

Through sound management and proper planning, the company has steadily grown to today’s capacity; implementing these same strategies will ensure future growth. Factors in the success of our projects include the emphasis on client communications and the development of a close relationship. These two elements ensure that our client’s unique requirements are met. We address specific needs and budgetary constraints through the implementation of careful design steps, which are undertaken for every project. This has empowered us to benchmark high standards in the New Zealand market. Control Concepts are the importer of products, you can find out more on the partners page.

As a company that utilises high level control technology, we are committed to ongoing development of staff and products, constantly seeking out state of the art, quality control products for all applications, where the focus is on performance, stability and reliability. Our areas of expertise include Building Automation Systems, HVAC, Building Management, Facility Management, Lighting Control, SCADA \ HMIs and Power Management.

In conjunction with the high quality products, we retain a team with enough control experience to supply our customers’ specific requirements.