Alarm Dashboard

Alarm Dashboard by Control Concepts is a completely responsive HTML5 dashboard for managing Tridium Niagara Alarms. All programmed from within the Niagara Workbench – no HTML/JS/CSS knowledge required!

This was initially built for a large multi-building project but has since been used in much smaller environments. This is a perfect dashboard to keep service techs up to date with tasks to keep a building running efficiently.

Alarm Dashboard

Alarm Management

Manage multiple buildings or different areas of one building all from within your web browser.

Alarm Class View

Alarms can be tagged as Critical so when they go into fault , emails can be sent out automatically.

Tag critical alarms

Alarm Reporting

All alarms are able to be emailed to the service tech straight from the dashboard. Create notes for others to view and use the system like a messaging board so everyone has the most up to date information.

Create jobs that can be emailed straight to the company for work to be completed.

Add Note to System

The user can view all notes and jobs from within the Alarm Notepad. The user can also add their own notes, deleted notes, and email directly from the Alarm Dashboard.

Alarm Notepad

Export Alarms and Notes to PDF or Excel for easy reporting. PDF exports show the status colouring and both Excel and PDF exports are filtered by priority for easy viewing.

PDF Export
Excel Export


See how many faults have occurred since the last maintenance was completed or how many have occurred since the unit was commissioned.

You can reset the maintenance count right from the dashboard, you can also inhibit the alarm until a fix has been completed, this will stop nuisance alarms from appearing on the dashboard.

Alarm Inhibited List

You can easily enable the alarm once maintenance has been completed.


The user can easily manage users from the dashboard if the user has permission, you can add, edit, or delete users using a HTML5 user manager.

Alarm Header

You don’t have to view building by building, you can view all Alarms and Notes from the buttons on the dashboard header. All alarms can be filtered and searched using the functionality built into the page.

The latest Alarms will be displayed at the bottom of the dashboard, the latest 10 alarms will show here.


The dashboard can show up to date weather information directly from OpenWeatherMap. You can sign up for a free API key and then display accurate weather for your users.

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