3 Te Kehu Way – Sylvia Park

Project Details

This project utilises multiple technologies that combine seamlessly into Niagara 4. Redundancy and Energy Management are at the forefront of the controls design. The second commercial building at Sylvia Park, 3 Te Kehu Way sits in a prime location adjacent to the Mt Wellington Highway and Entry 2, and diagonally opposite ANZ Raranga.

Product Details

EasyIO FWThe FW series supports IT network and security standards and WiFi b/g/n. The dual Ethernet port capability allows for daisy chain capability within the recommended IT standards.
EasyIO FS-32The FS-32 controller is a high-performance network controller. The FS range of controllers includes a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 512 MB RAM, 8GB flash memory.
EasyIO Jace 8000The Jace 8000 Supervisory Controller is a web-based supervisory-class controller. The Jace 8000 manages networks of field controllers using open communication protocols, such as BACnet®, LonWorks®, and N2 protocols.
The Jace 8000 controller supports a full set of building automation features, including:
– Scheduling
– Alarming
– Historical data collection and management
– Data sharing
– Energy management
These features are specifically designed for commercial facilities.
EasyIO Niagara 4 SupervisorThe Niagara 4 Server software expands the capabilities of one or more Jace 8000 Controllers, in addition to managing IP field devices directly. The Server collects, stores, and provides access to large amounts of information (such as alarms, events, and histories) sourced from one or more Supervisory Controllers.
The Niagara 4 Server includes a graphical user interface you can access with a web browser. Multiple users can concurrently connect to the Server.

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Project Location

Sylvia Park Shopping Centre is Located in Auckland, New Zealand.