Centre Place Shopping Centre

Project Details

This project utilises multiple technologies that combine seamlessly into Niagara 4. Redundancy and Energy Management are at the forefront of the controls design. Centre Place Shopping Centre is Hamilton City’s premier destination for food, fashion and entertainment, Centre Place, providing a wide mix of quality retailers, and dining options.

Product Details

HRW VAVThis VAV controller has high flexibility for user configuration to suit a wide
variety of HVAC or universal applications in Modbus RTU 485 networks or standalone. Versatile I/O including integrated velocity sensor, multiple control loops, digital function blocks and analogue function blocks allow easy configuration for control
EasyIO 30PThe FS-32 controller is a high-performance network controller. The FS range of controllers includes a 1.2 GHz quad core processor, 512 MB RAM, 8GB flash memory.
EasyIO JaceThe EasyIO Jace is a compact, embedded controller/server platform.

The EasyIO Jace supports a full set of building automation features, including:
– Scheduling
– Alarming
– Historical data collection and management
– Data sharing

These features are specifically designed for commercial facilities.
EasyIO Niagara SupervisorThe Niagara Server software expands the capabilities of one or more Jace Controllers, in addition to managing IP field devices directly. The Server collects, stores, and provides access to large amounts of information (such as alarms, events, and histories) sourced from one or more Supervisory Controllers.
The Niagara Server includes a graphical user interface you can access with a web browser. Multiple users can concurrently connect to the Server.

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Project Location

Centre Place Shopping Centre is Located in Hamilton CBD, New Zealand.