Our Promise

Control Concepts will provide a unique engineered solution utilising the latest technology combined with a solid knowledge of your needs.

Clients First

An unusually large number of clients come to us because they have become fatigued with the attitude and lack of support they are getting from their existing controls provider (who also usually have them tied to a long term, expensive maintenance contract.) Our systems and processes empower our clients and allow them to have a much greater level of involvement in the control systems we deliver. We extend this protocol to the brands we use. The results and return business in a market largely driven by the cheapest price and not necessarily the best product, speak for themselves. We have experience in the implementation of many different kinds of control technologies and we are committed to using the best technology that is right for the project.

Technical Development & Research

Observing a need for better use of available technologies, Control Concepts has taken the lead in providing a better solution to the end user. Where an opportunity exists for improvisation or a enhancement to existing products, we have a history of either working with a supplier to implement the upgrades, or investing our own resources into creating a new product. We also occasionally find ourselves working with our competitors to assist them with the implementation of a technology they may be unfamiliar with. Currently we are in the process of developing some simple control solutions using our network of international contacts.