Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics by Control Concepts is a Energy Management solution built on top of Tridium Niagara. Energy Analytics is designed to monitor and analyse energy usage using meter history data.

This Niagara module was initially built to produce reports for building energy ratings but has become an entire energy management solution.

Meter Collections

Our system enables a single energy meter or multiple energy meters data to be combined and extracted to a standard format. The data is analysed by our own set of Niagara Components that are able to predict overuse and underuse.

The data is also fed into a powerful JavaScript Visualization Library (Apache) then displayed within the Energy Analytics dashboard.

Using AI, our algorithms use previous data to predict energy usage. Our algorithm starts working immediately and a weeks worth of data is enough to produce extremely accurate results.

Each meter page has the ability to add notes these notes are recorded and can be exported to CSV or a PDF document. Our clients have found this note functionality useful.

Meter data is analysed to produce a peak value chart, the values shown below are peak daily kWh and usually show seasonal fluctuations.

Our custom Navigation web widget allows users to easily create menus using the standard Niagara Nav File and Nav File Editor to create spectacular looking menus without any need for HTML/JS/CSS coding.